I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in the Forest of Dean, England. I am involved with a number of organisations concerning themselves with conservation and biological recording. Although all forms of wildlife interest me, I have a particular interest in the caprimulgiformes and felidae families. Every species on this website is completely wild and photographed in its natural environment, wherever in the world it may be.

A comprehensive listing of photographs can be found in the galleries. You can also read about many of the trips from which the pictures were taken, accounts of some of my quests for specific wildlife encounters, and more.

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Nightjars in the Forest of Dean

The 2020 Nightjar season was unlike those before it thanks to lockdowns, etc. I expected 2021 to be much like a more usual Nightjar season. Instead we’re still in something of a state of restricted activity, albeit not a full ‘lockdown’. This season I also have a new member of the team to bring up to speed… my now 15 week old daughter, Lori. She’s yet to see her first Nightjar, but I don’t doubt she’ll see one this year….