4 continents in 1 post

Four new updates to the gallery this evening, each from a different continent. The White-bellied Sea Eagle was photographed in southern Sri Lanka. The White-throated Dipper was captured in the Forest of Dean, England. The White-faced Capuchin was leaping across a small stream leading into the Rio Frio near the Nicaraguan/Costa Rican border, while the Grey-headed Bushshrike was in eastern South Africa.

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New Nightjar video

With the Nightjar season nothing but a memory now, and a long 7 months or so until the birds return, I've had time to fully compile all the Nightjar data from this year and then turn my attention to some more of the footage from the trail-cams I left out ... Read more

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Killer Bees, Tsessebe and Dwarf Mongoose

There are three more additions to the gallery today. The Common Tsessebe which is the fastest antelope in Africa, reaching speeds of over 90kmph. The Dwarf Mongoose is especially common in areas with large numbers of termite mounds as this is their preferred choice of place to sleep. This one ... Read more

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