Owls and Lizards

A couple more additions to the wildlife gallery today. The Short-eared Owl was photographed in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, hunting the fields in its winter territory. The Common Green Forest Lizard was found in the Sinharaja rain forest of Sri Lanka. As with the vast majority of images in the gallery, these are both available to … Read more

Homepage tweaks

A few more tweaks to the homepage as a result of the new layout… The ‘new in the galleries’ section now has an offset for the retrieved data, so there should no longer be repetition of images from the ‘recent news’ section. The titles of the images in that section have been styled to conform … Read more

Home page redesign

I’ve made some changes to the homepage. Firstly the six images used to represent the links to the Galleries, Trip reports, Drawings, etc have all been replaced for something more attractive (in my opinion at least!). The three most recent news articles have been brought on to the front page too. To avoid repetition, I’ve … Read more

Owls, Deer, Starlings & Nile Monitors

Some further additions to the wildlife gallery today… I spent this afternoon watching Short-eared Owls in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. The Roe Deer was moving at full speed across a field in which 3 Short-eared Owls were hunting. This picture catches the moment it passed one of the perched owls as it watched on. The … Read more


I took this image of a Starling murmuration yesterday. It shows many thousands of birds as they came in to roost in the reedbed around dusk. Whilst it certainly represents a lot of birds, this was actually only a small fraction of late arrivals. The main flock was a bit too far away and largely … Read more

European Lynx completed

The European Lynx is finally complete. I’ve spent longer on this drawing than any other so far. As with all my other colour work so far, it was drawn with Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils on A3 Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper. This photo doesn’t really do the drawing any favours – it definitely looks better in person. … Read more

GDPR Compliance

I have to confess I’m a little late in doing this. GDPR legislation came into force in 2016, and the deadline for compliance was back in mid-2018. Back then, my site didn’t make use of cookies, so that was easy enough, and I gave it no further thought. In April 2019, this new incarnation of … Read more

Otters, Nightjars and a new year

Happy new year (and decade)! My first additions to the wildlife gallery for 2020 are this Nightjar and Otter. The Nightjar was photographed close to home in the Forest of Dean. Whilst I did photograph this bird in person, this particular image was captured by a trail-camera which I left in position for the lifespan … Read more

Elephants and Palm Squirrels

A day after Boxing Day, there are two additions to the wildlife gallery. Firstly is an Indian Palm Squirrel photographed in southern Sri Lanka, where it is very common. I found the African Elephant whilst driving through a particularly dry region of the Limpopo province of South Africa. All my camera gear was out of … Read more

Statistics and headers

I’ve added a new page which shows some basic statistics about the site. It serves little purpose, but it shows the number of images and galleries along with their geographical breakdown, the number of species on the species list, along with taxonomical distinctions. It also shows the number of pages, posts and categories that make … Read more

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