Buffaloes and Barbets

Two more additions to the wildlife gallery… firstly is a Crested Barbet on the upper slopes of the Olifants River Valley in South Africa. Staying in Africa, the Cape Buffalo pictured was one of a herd encountered slightly east of the Phalaborwa gate to the Kruger National Park. This was definitely a case of taking the photo and moving on as quickly as possible!

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Fritillaries and an Ibis

Two new additions to the wildlife gallery today. Firstly is a Hadeda Ibis which was photographed within the perimeter of the Skukuza rest camp inside the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Secondly is a pair of Pearl-bordered Fritillaries found in the open woodland of Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

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Boar & Bee-eaters

This European Bee-eater was hunting from this perch on the roadside near Tshokwane, South Africa, so this image was opportunistically photographed from the car window. The Wild Boar piglets were photographed a lot closer to home, here in the Forest of Dean. Both images have been added to the wildlife ... Read more

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