Butterflies, Birds & Lockdown

Right now I should be in southern Spain searching for Iberian Lynx. However, like roughly a third of the entire world’s population, I’m stuck at home in a mandatory lockdown. Spain is having a horrible time at the moment, and Britain is sadly following a very similar trajectory. The trip will have to wait. For now, along with everyone else, my travel is curtailed to wherever I can walk from my from my front door. While my horizons have been severely reigned in, I’m doing my best to widen my interests to counteract this. With that in mind, I’m paying much more attention to trees, plants, flowers, fungi, lichens, mosses, etc, and as a result, the species list is growing again!

Meanwhile, I have plenty photos in the archives that I’m yet to publish on the website (or elsewhere), so I’m afraid even a deadly pandemic won’t be curtailing me from adding new photos to the galleries. Today I have added this Wood White, photographed close to home on a bluebell in the Forest of Dean. The Green Bee-eater was captured in the north of Sri Lanka.