Common Kingfisher

Shortly after my last post, I very nearly decided to abandon working on this Kingfisher. I think the problem was that I was struggling with the scale. My decision to draw it in a landscape format on an A3 sheet meant that the bird needed to be smaller than if I’d drawn it in a portrait format. I do like ‘white space’ in my drawings, and that was my rationale when choosing the landscape format. The smaller size did, however, mean that when it came to adding the fine details I just didn’t have the amount of room that I needed. Eventually, I found a way to progress and the picture was completed relatively quickly (by my past standards!).

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Kingfisher in progress

When I picked up the pencil, the intention was that I would be drawing one of the big cats, a snarling leopard or a roaring lion. I don’t really know what happened to my thought processes, but I’m now in the process of drawing this Common Kingfisher instead. It’s an ... Read more

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A bit of colour

I decided it was time to have a go at producing something in colour. Having given a lot of thought to the medium I was going to try, I finally settled on pastels. I’d been looking forward to trying something different to the monochrome graphite drawings for a while. The ... Read more

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