David Attenborough portrait

As with most of my previous drawings, it’s always tricky to know when to stop. I think I’ve done all I can with this portrait of David Attenborough. I’d wanted to draw a human for a while, despite me previously telling myself I was only interested in drawing wildlife. Like most people I grew up with Attenborough, and have always admired him. A few years ago while working at the BBC Natural History Unit I was lucky enough to be invited to a talk that he did there. He seemed a good place to start with drawing my first person.

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In progress - David Attenborough

Although so far I've only drawn wild animals (with the exception of the recent domestic cat commission!), for some reason I got the urge to have a go at drawing my first human. As far as I was concerned it needed to be someone instantly recognisable - if people can ... Read more

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In progress - Dougie & Tia (commission)

This is Dougie, currently in progress on my desk. At the time of writing, Since this photo was taken his head has received some extra attention, and I've actually just about finished drawing the rest of him too, but this is the most up to date photo that I've taken. ... Read more

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