Drawings gallery

I’ve added all my drawings to the same gallery system I created for my photography. I have kept it entirely separate from the photography however, so they will not share the same galleries. The main ‘Gallery’ item on the menu now opens a sub-menu – Photography and Drawings. As with the photography, my drawings can also be further filtered into categories. Admittedly, the galleries are fairly sparse at the moment, but hopefully in time they will slowly grow.

In an unrelated change, I’ve added a further category to the News menu – ‘New photos’. This filters the news to show only recent additions to the photography galleries. These posts were previously only visible under the ‘All news’ option.

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Menu U-turn

Only a couple of days after changing the main menu structure, I've changed my mind! I've decided that including a sub-menu is messy, and can be avoided through better design. The ability to filter drawings still exists, but the links to do so are now accessible from the top of ... Read more

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Trip reports tweak

Just a small addition. The trip reports page now has a filter with which to narrow down the results according to country. Which reminds me, it's time to start planning the next one - it's been too long!

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