Font sizes

One of the (many) issues with the previous incarnation of this website was that the font size was incredibly small. That would normally be an easy thing to fix, but with the way that site was built, where everything was of a fixed size, it wasn’t as simple a task as it should have been. That’s no longer an issue – everything on this site is built to adapt to any size screen. I think this time around I chose a font size that was a bit too large. It was comfortable to read, but in my eyes at least, it was too big for the design of the site. I’ve dropped the size by just a couple of pixels, and I think it’s an improvement. Unless I get inundated with emails complaining that it’s too small, this is the size it will stay. Other minor cosmetic changes have been made too, but they’re barely worth listing here.

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PageSpeed/YSlow A/A

Apart from a few small visual tweaks here and there, there's not been much worth mentioning here. Whenever I make any changes, I keep check on whether there's any resulting hit on the site's performance, and usually there either is no impact, or there's an impact that can be easily ... Read more

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Context-sensitive gallery options

When viewing an image in the gallery, there are now context-sensitive links to other gallery views. For example, if looking at a photo of an African Wild Dog, beneath the image you will see a link firstly to all the other African Wild Dog photos, then a more encompassing link ... Read more

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