Foxes, Eagles & Nightjars

Three new photographs have been added to the gallery. Firstly, a Grey-headed Fish Eagle photographed in Udawalawe in Sri Lanka. Next is a Red Fox photographed in the Forest of Dean and finally the bird that occupies a huge amount of my time at this time of year, the European Nightjar. This photo shows a female at the nest during her first brood of the season. A week or so after hatching, the male will take over brooding the chicks enabling her to move on to a second brood nearby. So far this year I’ve identified 16 sites that hold Nightjars and located two nests.

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Oystercatchers and Helmetshrikes

Nightjar season is in full swing here which is something that keeps me very busy every year, and this year is no exception. I'm currently watching over 15 sites and still have a few more to check out. I found my first Nightjar nest of the year yesterday and hope ... Read more

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Heath Fritillaries and Kangaroo Lizards

It was a scorcher of a day yesterday, and I spent it trying to locate and photograph two of our rarest butterflies - the Heath Fritillary on Exmoor and the High Brown Fritillary on Dartmoor. Both species were found in abundance, but the heat meant that neither species was prepared ... Read more

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