Gallery sorting

Despite my previous post and the claim that I wouldn’t make any more changes to the site for a while, I’m stuck at home for a bit so I thought I’d take the opportunity to improve the gallery options a bit. If you view any of the galleries by species, rather than by date, it is now possible to sort the list either by common name (default) or binomial name. The page has also been spruced up a bit!

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Screen sizes

In what is probably the last update to this section for a while (unless anything breaks!), I've made some changes to the way the site handles different screen sizes. It's already coped pretty well with any size device, but I've made tweaks to exactly what will and won't be shown, ... Read more

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Cosmetic (mostly) changes

I've made a number of mostly cosmetic changes throughout the site. The most obvious change is most evident when viewing the site on a desktop computer, as above. I might make up a few different surrounds and have them display randomly. Now that I write that thought down, I realise ... Read more