The Hawfinch is one of my favourite local birds so it was a nice surprise, whilst finishing up on the previous drawing, to be asked if I’d consider drawing a Hawfinch for someone. The Forest of Dean is something of a stronghold for this elusive finch, so I’m lucky enough to have a large number of reference photographs to work from. It was a pleasant change to work on such a small, feathered subject, having worked mostly on larger mammalian or reptilian species up until now. I was really pleased to hear the response of the client on first seeing the resulting picture, and I look forward to presenting it to him soon! I’ve got another commission to do… it’s another bird that the area in which I live is well known for. More on that one soon…

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African Elephants

This was my first piece that that featured more than one subject. I like to keep the work as clean as possible, usually with the main subject being the only subject. However, I did want to draw something that involved an element of interaction, or even emotion. This picture is ... Read more

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Goshawk in progress

The drawing I’m currently working on is this Northern Goshawk, something that I’ve been requested to draw for a commission. The recipient is an expert on the species, so I need to make sure it’s anatomically as accurate as I can make it, and also shows the intensity of the ... Read more

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