Heath Fritillaries and Kangaroo Lizards

It was a scorcher of a day yesterday, and I spent it trying to locate and photograph two of our rarest butterflies – the Heath Fritillary on Exmoor and the High Brown Fritillary on Dartmoor. Both species were found in abundance, but the heat meant that neither species was prepared to settle down for more than a couple of seconds at a time, so opportunities were very limited. In the case of the High Brown, the shots I managed were sufficient to separate it from the Dark Green Fritillary, but not good for much else. There’s still time for another attempt this year though. One of the Heath Fritillary images has been added to the gallery, along with a species of lizard first described in 2005, endemic to Sri Lanka, the Black-spotted Kangaroo Lizard.

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Foxes, Eagles & Nightjars

Three new photographs have been added to the gallery. Firstly, a Grey-headed Fish Eagle photographed in Udawalawe in Sri Lanka. Next is a Red Fox photographed in the Forest of Dean and finally the bird that occupies a huge amount of my time at this time of year, the European ... Read more

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Hawk-moths, Hornbills & Hunting Dogs

All the H's have been added to the gallery today, but across three different continents. Firstly, the Pied Malabar Hornbill which was photographed at the northern end of Sri Lanka in the Wilpattu National Park. Next is the African Hunting Dog (Painted Wolf, African Wild Dog, etc) photographed in South ... Read more

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