Herons, Bulbuls and Shamas

Some new avian additions to the gallery… From Sri Lanka, the very common Indian Pond Heron hunting from a dead tree in the waters of Udawalawa and the White-rumped Shama – a bird I found in a densely vegetated part of Wilpattu in the north of the country. Finally a Dark-capped Bulbul which I found high above the valley of the Olifants River in South Africa.

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Muggers, Badgers and Dippers

Today's gallery updates include the Mugger Crocodile photographed in northern Sri Lanka, and a couple more locally taken photographs - the White-fronted Dipper and the European Badger, both photographed in the Forest of Dean.

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Sloths, Armadillos and Elephants

Some mammalian photographs have been added to the gallery this afternoon. First up is a Sri Lankan Elephant which, despite not necessarily presenting its best side, I felt was nicely framed by the trees and worthy of capturing. The Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth was found on the way to Tortuguerro in ... Read more

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