Hoopoes and Puffins

Two new images have been added to the wildlife gallery today. The Puffin was photographed on the island on Skomer in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and the African Hoopoe was captured in South Africa. I would like to wish all visitors to this site a very happy Christmas and a wildlife-filled 2020 🙂

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Leopards and Puffbacks

Two new additions to the gallery today. I found this male Black-backed Puffback outside one of the rest camps of the Kruger National Park. If memory serves correctly it was the Satara camp. He was in the middle of his amazing display, though I couldn't notice a female in the ... Read more

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Elephants and Palm Squirrels

A day after Boxing Day, there are two additions to the wildlife gallery. Firstly is an Indian Palm Squirrel photographed in southern Sri Lanka, where it is very common. I found the African Elephant whilst driving through a particularly dry region of the Limpopo province of South Africa. All my ... Read more

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