Iguana, Basilisk and Babblers

Today’s new images in the gallery are the Arrow-marked Babbler, the Double-crested Basilisk and the Helmeted Iguana. The Arrow-marked Babbler seen here was towards the southern end of its range in South Africa. The Double-crested Basilisk, or Jesus Christ Lizard, was near the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, whereas the Helmeted Iguana was in the very thick vegetation of the Monteverde cloudforest of Costa Rica.

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African & Asian predators

Some overdue additions to the photo galleries today. The Golden Jackal was photographed in 2017 on a scorching afternoon in southern Sri Lanka. The African Wild Dog (Painted Wolf) was photographed in the Olifants region of the Kruger National Park. I had to break a curfew time to get this ... Read more

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A mixture of mammals

Three new mammals have been added to the gallery today. I spotted the Lion lying under a small tree with a carcass and waited until it had finished eating. Even at this relatively close range the heat haze presented a problem in photographing the cat as it left the remnants ... Read more

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