Kingfisher in progress

When I picked up the pencil, the intention was that I would be drawing one of the big cats, a snarling leopard or a roaring lion. I don’t really know what happened to my thought processes, but I’m now in the process of drawing this Common Kingfisher instead. It’s an odd choice – a bird whose most characteristic feature is its shocking blue plumage, being drawn in grey graphite, but it’s a challenge. Meanwhile, the recently completed Goshawk has been passed on to its pleased new owner and the first prints have been delivered to those who have ordered them but there are still plenty available! I do still have ideas for that big cat drawing, but for now, I will try to get this Kingfisher finished.

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Goshawk complete

The Goshawk is finally finished. The question I get asked more than any other is how long my drawings take to do. This one, just like all the others before it, has sat on my desk for perhaps three weeks or so, but other than replying that they take “a ... Read more

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Common Kingfisher

Shortly after my last post, I very nearly decided to abandon working on this Kingfisher. I think the problem was that I was struggling with the scale. My decision to draw it in a landscape format on an A3 sheet meant that the bird needed to be smaller than if ... Read more

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