Leopard complete

My first foray into colour and using a medium other than graphite is complete. It was an interesting process, frustrating to begin with as I was getting to grips with the capabilities of pastels, and finding my own way to go about things. I’m certainly not averse to taking advice from people, but I do think there’s also a lot to be said for working out techniques yourself. I’ve learnt a lot from this piece, and am looking forward to approaching the next colour piece with a bit more confidence.

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A bit of colour

I decided it was time to have a go at producing something in colour. Having given a lot of thought to the medium I was going to try, I finally settled on pastels. I’d been looking forward to trying something different to the monochrome graphite drawings for a while. The ... Read more

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Tiger & Cub in progress

I’m currently working on this tiger and cub. This photo is just a section of the full drawing which will include the full face of the mother tiger. The drawing is being done with pastel pencils on A3. Once the mother tiger is done to the same degree that the ... Read more

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