Little Owl in progress

I started working on this Little Owl a few days ago. After getting off to a slow start it’s starting to feel like it’s getting somewhere now. As with my previous two pastel drawings, I started drawing on a mid-tone brown paper. Those drawings filled the page, so the paper colour had no bearing on the appearance of the final drawing, and I find a mid-tone paper nicer to work on than white. It was only when I reached the lower part of the owl that I decided on a white background. This drawing is probably around 50% complete so if I can keep up the same rate of progress, I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

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Tiger & Cub complete

The Tiger & Cub drawing is complete. This piece was done on A3 using pastel sticks and pastel pencils. It took longer than any other piece I’ve done before it. Despite me starting this post by calling the picture complete, I may still make a couple of small alterations. Sometimes ... Read more

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Little Owl complete

The Little Owl is complete. This picture took a lot less time than the previous two, but I suppose that’s hardly surprising given the amount of white space compared to those. The owl wasn’t without its challenges though, and I’m pleased to have finished it, ready for the next challenge! ... Read more

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