Nightjars in the Forest of Dean

The 2020 Nightjar season was unlike those before it thanks to lockdowns, etc. I expected 2021 to be much like a more usual Nightjar season. Instead we’re still in something of a state of restricted activity, albeit not a full ‘lockdown’. This season I also have a new member of the team to bring up to speed… my now 15 week old daughter, Lori. She’s yet to see her first Nightjar, but I don’t doubt she’ll see one this year. We’ve also had a few technical setbacks this season, but we’re making progress.

I’ve also taken the time to create a new website, initially as a place for me to dump a lot of the media that gets generated by the Nightjar project, but now and again myself or Hugh might add a few words, pictures or audio recordings too. I’m still in the process of uploading video data – there’s a LOT of video data!

The website is at