Otters, Bateleurs and Jackals

A few new additions to the gallery today including a Black-backed Jackal which crossed my path as I was increasing my distance from a pair of White Rhino in South Africa. Further north, near Punda Maria, a juvenile Bateleur which posed nicely atop a dead tree. Finally an Otter in England, along with some plastic litter.

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Motmots, Chats and Shrikes

More birds have been added to the gallery this evening. The Blue-diademed Motmot (formerly the Blue-crowned Motmot) is a stunning looking bird, this one photographed in the Monteverde cloud forest of Costa Rica. The Mocking Cliff Chat was found in South Africa, not far from the Mozambique border. Finally the ... Read more

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Zebras, Storks and Langurs

Another three images have been added to the wildlife gallery this evening. The Painted Stork was photographed while browsing for fish in Sri Lanka. Staying in Sri Lanka, the Tufted Grey Langurs were seen in Bundala in the south of the country. Finally the Burchell's Zebra was photographed in central ... Read more

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