Oystercatchers and Helmetshrikes

Nightjar season is in full swing here which is something that keeps me very busy every year, and this year is no exception. I’m currently watching over 15 sites and still have a few more to check out. I found my first Nightjar nest of the year yesterday and hope to find at least another one or two before the season is over. This has kept me from updating the site much, or indeed from taking many photographs. Nevertheless, two new images have been added to the gallery this afternoon. First up is a Eurasian Oystercatcher photographed on the beach of Büsum, Germany, on a warm afternoon in 2018. The next image is one of a small flock of White-crested Helmetshrikes seen in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. I spotted them whilst leaving a rest camp at dawn.

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Flapshell Turtles and Bush Squirrels

These two photos have been added to the gallery. The pair of Flapshell Turtles were photographed in Sri Lanka. Their name is derived from flaps of skin that cover their limbs when they retract into their shells. The Smith`s Bush Squirrel (or Tree Squirrel) is native to the woodlands of ... Read more

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Foxes, Eagles & Nightjars

Three new photographs have been added to the gallery. Firstly, a Grey-headed Fish Eagle photographed in Udawalawe in Sri Lanka. Next is a Red Fox photographed in the Forest of Dean and finally the bird that occupies a huge amount of my time at this time of year, the European ... Read more

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