Storks & Babblers

A further two images have been added to the wildlife gallery this evening. The Asian Openbill Stork was photographed in southern Sri Lanka and I found the Arrow-marked Babbler while taking a short break from driving in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

My photography has just about reached a complete halt for the time being. The Coronavirus lockdown now extends across much of the planet, and its awful consequences have been equally far-reaching. The virus has already claimed the life of a friend, and I am concerned for others I know who are exhibiting symptoms. As I speak, the Prime Minister is in intensive care, and whilst I oppose almost everything he stands for, as well as many of the ways in which his government has handled the crisis, particularly in the earlier stages, I of course wish him the very best in his recovery. The anxieties are further compounded by the fact that my partner works in a hospital, so the lack of PPE and testing for NHS staff is something that concerns me greatly.

My allowed daily exercise continues to be spent walking the dog, without camera (bar the phone of course), so my quest to find and identify as many plants and fungi as I can continues, and provides a small distraction from this upsetting time.

Stay safe, stay at home!