I’ve been making websites in one way or another since at least 1998 both for corporate intranets and the public web. I have had a number of sites of my own since then, and I’ve developed a number for other people and organisations. If you’re interested in having me build a site for you, feel free to get in touch. A few current sites I’ve made, both for myself and others, include:

Nightjars of the Forest of Dean

A site I created primarily as a place to show a lot of media that gets generated by our Nightjar project here in the Forest of Dean.

Gloucestershire Naturalists’ Society


A charity website. The site hosts scientific publications, annual reports, news, project summaries, event information etc for GNS – the biological recording organisation for Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group


A charity website. The site provides the charity’s primary web-presence, and includes news, an archive of documents, facilities for the public to submit their sightings, advice and more.

This site!


This is the site you’re now looking at! Whereas the previous version of my site had been a 10-year evolution, with all the workarounds, patches, etc that entails, this was a complete remake, starting almost from scratch. The site now exists in a WordPress framework but with lots of bespoke extras. All previous ASP code was re-written in PHP.

Stroud Sound Map


Anthropophony, Biophony & Geophony. A website built for a friend’s project.