Lights out!

There’s not a lot to say on the photographic front as I’ve simply not been able to devote any time to photography. That hasn’t stopped me acquiring new photographic gear though, which I look forward to trying out when time permits. I have been finding some time in the evenings to do a bit of tinkering with this website, and among other small tweaks not worthy of a mention, I’ve added a dark mode. This is still a work in progress. There are bugs that I’m aware of, and I’m sure there are some left for me to discover, and there are certain graphical assets I’m going to need to recreate with transparency but it’s fundamentally working I think. The fixes can be applied as and when I get to them. For the time being (I may move it!) the dark mode switch can be found in the lower-left corner of the browser.

Update – more progress made, but still some way to go. It’s actually more challenging than it might first seem to come up with colours, layers and translucencies that work with both a black and a white background. I also got distracted this evening and re-designed the prev/next post sections beneath the single post layout, and completely removed the accessibility button.