Wildcats, Herons and Lapwings

Today’s selection of images have been added to the wildlife gallery. I found the African Wildcat whilst searching the Satara rest camp in Kruger National Park at night. I was specifically looking for wildcat and Honey Badger so it was nice to connect with this cat. No such luck with the Honey Badgers unfortunately. The Striated Heron was found at a small pool not far from Skukuza, the administrative headquarters of the Kruger. Finally the Yellow-wattled Lapwing was one of many seen in Sri Lanka, this one conveniently stood next to some Elephant droppings for scale!

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Elephants and Nightjars

Today's additions to the wildlife gallery - First up is a pair of European Nightjars photographed in the Forest of Dean. I'm already missing these birds and look forward to their return in 2020. Next is a female African Elephant with calf, found near the Sweni River in South Africa. ... Read more

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Hyenas, Macaws and Sunbirds

Another selection of images have been added to the wildlife gallery. The Spotted Hyena was photographed on the roadside whilst I was driving in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The Scarlet Macaw was one of a small flock that landed in a tree as soon as I left the ... Read more

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