Baboons, Flycatchers and Nightjars

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the galleries and I’ve got a bit of a backlog building up! New additions today include a Chacma Baboon with baby – part of a much larger troupe found whilst driving in South Africa, an Asian Brown Flycatcher photographed in northern Sri Lanka, and a European Nightjar photographed at her nest in the Forest of Dean with a camera trap.

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Rollers, Fritillaries & Nightjars

Another few images have been added to the gallery. The Pearl-bordered Fritillary was photographed on a hot day in Cirencester where, despite there being good numbers of this rare butterfly, finding one that would actually settle long enough to take a picture was a challenge. Another flighty species was the ... Read more

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A trio of tropics

Three new Central American additions to the gallery today. The Amazon Kingfisher photographed on the Rio Frio near to Nicaragua, the Mantled Howler Monkey near the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and finally the Fer-de-lance, photographed on the remote Osa Peninsula.

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