Bateleurs, Red Squirrels and Starlings

Another three images have been added to the gallery. The characterful Red Squirrel was photographed at the northern end of the Cairngorms in Scotland. The Red-winged Starling was within the Olifants Rest Camp overlooking the spectacular Olifants River, while the Bateleur was photographed during a dash back to Skukuza to catch a flight to Johannesburg. Time really was short, but it was impossible to drive past this eagle without stopping for a quick photo!

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1500 species!

The species list hit a milestone today. I have now photographed 1500 species! Of course, such a figure is completely arbitrary and meaningless, but it's a nice round number. So what was the 1500th species? It was this White Plume Moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla), seen here on the cover of my ... Read more

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Rollers, Fritillaries & Nightjars

Another few images have been added to the gallery. The Pearl-bordered Fritillary was photographed on a hot day in Cirencester where, despite there being good numbers of this rare butterfly, finding one that would actually settle long enough to take a picture was a challenge. Another flighty species was the ... Read more