Cheetah in progress

This is an early stage photo of what I’m currently working on. It’s a quick snap taken on my phone, so excuse its shortcomings! I should really take another photo because the piece has moved on significantly since this photo was taken. Surface area hasn’t increased much, but the colours and contrast are improved, blending is better and there is more fur detail – overall it just looks more realistic, which is always the goal. There is a significant amount left to do on this, and I might end up posting another progress update before I complete it, but if it all goes well then I would like this to be the first in a series of pieces.

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Little Owl complete

The Little Owl is complete. This picture took a lot less time than the previous two, but I suppose that’s hardly surprising given the amount of white space compared to those. The owl wasn’t without its challenges though, and I’m pleased to have finished it, ready for the next challenge! ... Read more

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Cheetah complete

The Cheetah is finished. I’m going to have to photograph it again more carefully before I can arrange for prints to be made. This version doesn’t represent the true colours of the actual piece very well, which in turn has reduced the apparent level of detail. Once I have a ... Read more

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