Font size bug fix

A small bug-fix today which stops fonts from occasionally displaying the wrong size when viewed on a phone. In far more exciting (even if totally unrelated) news, I’ve been doing a lot of planning in anticipation of my next trip, which is looking more and more like an expedition. I won’t say where I intend to go yet, in case unforeseen circumstances prevent me from doing it. Plan A was thwarted by foreign office warnings not to enter the destination country at all, but I hope that will change in the near future. Plan B has been postponed for another date. Plan C is the plan I’m going for now. It’s actually a place that I’ve wanted to go for so long, and there are some really special species there that I hope to catch up with, although to connect with all of them would be highly unlikely. The only downside, apart from all the planning and costs, is the fact that it’s not practical to go there until the summer comes, so I’ve got a while to wait.

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Gallery page tweak

The gallery page (hopefully) looks a little prettier, with the addition of background images on each parent gallery. All drop-shadows have been removed, consistent with their recent removal from the rest of the site.

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Gallery page tweak pt.2

I've done some more coding this evening. Believe it or not, I enjoy coding, and that's largely what keeps me making improvements to the site. After changing the appearance of the photography gallery page earlier this week, I've now added some basic statistics to each section to show the number ... Read more

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