Katydids and Walking Sticks

I’m always particularly interested in creatures that employ camouflage as their primary means of defence against predation. Leaf-mimic Katydids and Stick Insects are masters of camouflage. Katydid nymphs often look like smaller versions of the adults, but in some species, the nymphs look nothing at all like the adult and rather mimic other species such as spiders and assassin bugs, or flowers, to prevent predation. These photos were all taken in Costa Rica, from Tortuguerro to the Monteverde cloud forest, and they have been added to the gallery.

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Tropical invertebrates

Sometimes it's possible to add new species to the species list without even leaving the house. On this occasion it wasn't a new moth discovered in the bathroom or a spider in the kitchen sink (although both have led to new additions to the list in the past!). This time ... Read more

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Nightjars, starlings and flycatchers

A few new additions to the gallery today. First up is the Greater Blue-eared Starling. This particular one was photographed in Skukuza rest camp in the Kruger National Park where they are very approachable birds. The African Paradise Flycatcher was in the town of Phalaborwa in South Africa. To counter ... Read more

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