Minor changes

A few very minor changes. The annoying underline that appeared on links when hovered over on the videos page has been removed. Links now behave just like all others across the site. The spacing on individual photo pages has been changed to give a more tidy and uniform layout. A slightly different shade for titles to improve their clarity and a slightly smaller font.
Unrelated, the species list has increased by one today. It’s occasionally easy to assume that a particular species must already be on the list, given how common and easy to see certain species are. Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris) is one such example. For a number of years I’ve assumed it’s on the list. Only today did I realise that it has been overlooked, and thanks to the fact we still have an active nest here in December, I was able to get it added today. It makes me wonder just how many obvious things have been overlooked!

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New map

In the 'other articles' section, I've added a map that shows the countries I've visited. Sadly, some of these trips barely featured any wildlife, and some didn't feature any at all. If all goes to plan, two more countries will be added to the map in 2020, and both of ... Read more

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Slideshow titles

Just a small update, but I've added the common name, scientific name and country for each photo on the introductory slideshow. Sooner or later I should have a refresh of the images that appear there too.

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