Minotaurs, Spiders and Otters

The gallery has been updated with another three images. The Minotaur Beetle was photographed at home in the Forest of Dean. The European Otter was in Norfolk whilst the Giant Golden Orb-weaver was in the sweltering heat of the Sinharaja rainforest in Sri Lanka.

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Leopards, storks and butterflies

These images have been added to the gallery. The leopard was photographed in Wilpattu, Sri Lanka in 2017 and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a good 30 minutes or so with this cat. The White Stork was captured in Sankt Peter-Ording, in north Germany about 50km ... Read more

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A mixture of mustelids

A mixture of mustelids has been added to the gallery today. First up is an Otter photographed in the daytime on the Norfolk - Cambridgeshire border. Next is the UK's smallest of the mustelid family, the Weasel, photographed in Scotland, and finally a Badger, which was photographed at night in ... Read more

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