Moths, Buffalo & Tropicbirds

Three new images have been added to the wildlife gallery this evening. The most recently photographed was the Puss Moth caterpillar – an incredible looking creature found locally in the Forest of Dean. Next is a Cape Buffalo (or African Buffalo) photographed drinking late at night in South Africa. Finally a juvenile Red-billed Tropicbird floating on a mirror-like Gulfo Dulce in Costa Rica.
I’ve made a few improvements to the backend of the site recently, along with some minor cosmetic tweaks, but it has been another extended absence from posting any news or new pictures. More soon…

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Butterflies and Dragons

It's been a long time since I've updated the website, although I have occasionally dipped in to make some changes behind the scenes. The primary reason behind the lack of activity is obvious. Coronavirus has restricted the movements of all of us for a long time, and whilst we now ... Read more

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Kiskadees & Hornbills

Two more new images have been added to the gallery today. The Great Kiskadee is a large flycatcher. It is a very widespread species but this particular one was photographed towards the far north of Costa Rica. The African Grey Hornbill is another common and widespread species. This one was ... Read more

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