Nighthawks, Wildcats and Bush Snakes

A couple of new additions to the gallery this evening. First up is a Spotted Bush Snake. This was spotted moving amongst us whilst enjoying a drink, waiting for sunset at the Skukuza rest camp in the Kruger National Park. Next is the Lesser Nighthawk, seen here roosting in the afternoon in gallery forest along the Rio Frio near the Nicaraguan border. Finally, over on the videos page, I’ve uploaded some trail camera footage of an African Wildcat – also seen in a rest camp in Kruger National Park, but this was in the Satara camp. I’d left the camera out in the hope of catching both African Wildcat and Honey Badger. No success with the Honey Badgers unfortunately, though I did manage to see one earlier in the trip, and got far too close for comfort to a pair at night whilst walking around Mopani!

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Nightjars, starlings and flycatchers

A few new additions to the gallery today. First up is the Greater Blue-eared Starling. This particular one was photographed in Skukuza rest camp in the Kruger National Park where they are very approachable birds. The African Paradise Flycatcher was in the town of Phalaborwa in South Africa. To counter ... Read more

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Flapshell Turtles and Bush Squirrels

These two photos have been added to the gallery. The pair of Flapshell Turtles were photographed in Sri Lanka. Their name is derived from flaps of skin that cover their limbs when they retract into their shells. The Smith`s Bush Squirrel (or Tree Squirrel) is native to the woodlands of ... Read more

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