Otters, Nightjars and a new year

Happy new year (and decade)! My first additions to the wildlife gallery for 2020 are this Nightjar and Otter. The Nightjar was photographed close to home in the Forest of Dean. Whilst I did photograph this bird in person, this particular image was captured by a trail-camera which I left in position for the lifespan of the nest. There are in fact two eggs in the nest, but one is perfectly hidden behind the other. The Otter photograph took some waiting to achieve. It was a prolonged and very enjoyable sighting, but in a particularly shaded section of the river. Just one shaft of light was hitting the small island of vegetation and it was just a case of waiting and hoping that the Otter would eventually choose to go there.

I’ve got lots to look forward to in 2020 as far as wildlife in concerned. My first trip of the year will take place at the end of March – plans are now finalised. I’m still working on exactly what I’ll be doing later in the year but things are still looking positive for a big trip to the tropics, although somewhere different again.