Painted Wolves, Burnished Brass and Hawk-moths

More additions to the wildlife gallery this evening… The Painted Wolves photo shows part of the pack after they had failed to hunt Waterbuck on the Olifants River in South Africa. The Burnished Brass and the Elephant Hawk-moth were both photographed much closer to home, here in the Forest of Dean.

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Frogmouths and Fritillaries

Two new images have been added to the wildlife gallery today. First is a Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, an increasingly scarce butterfly in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Second is a pair of Sri Lanka Frogmouths photographed at their roost in the Sinharaja rainforest of Sri Lanka.

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Shrikes, Pigeons and Hummingbirds

Four new additions to the wildlife gallery today... I found the Great Grey Shrike hunting over farmland in the Brandenburg area of Germany on the way back from looking for wolves (no success there!). The Green Imperial Pigeon was in Sri Lanka and both the Lesser Violetear and the Purple-throated ... Read more

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