Shop progress

I’m in the early stages of setting up the shop. This is still the easy bit. The hard bit is still going to be working out how to integrate the yet to be built galleries into the shop. The easy solution, albeit extremely time-consuming for me and somewhat confusing for visitors, would be to have an entry in both the gallery (although each image will exist in many galleries) and the shop for each image. What I want to achieve somehow is a seamless connection between the galleries and the shop without the need for creating separate products for each image. For now, I’m just re-creating the same products that existed on the old site – greetings cards, original drawings, art prints, etc. The photography itself can wait until I have a plan!

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Contact form implemented

The contact form on the previous website used a server-side 'captcha' system whereby a script would produce an image composed of random alphanumeric characters, a user would replicate them in a field on the form, and another script would then run to verify that the user copied them correctly. The ... Read more

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More shop progress

The shop is effectively done. A few awkward steps along the way, such as catering for products that are out of stock, one-off products such as the original drawings, and some cosmetic bugs, but everything seems to be running smoothly now. Every product that was available in both my old ... Read more

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