Species list – more filters

I’ve made some minor changes to the species list. The column that displays the class, order and family to which a species belongs now renders the taxonomic groupings as hyperlinks, so it’s now possible to immediately jump to all other species within that grouping. Secondly, the ‘current list’ text above the list now more accurately represents the list beneath it, in that if the list is actually the result of a search, this will now be stated.

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Bug Squished

On at least one previous occasion in this dev diary, I've referred to a bug in the species list that I'd managed to convince myself was a bug in Google Chrome. It wasn't. In fact, a number of different browsers were behaving a bit strangely, often inconsistently with each other. ... Read more

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A few design tweaks

A few design changes:1. The sidebar on the right-hand side of all pages of the website has been redesigned. The recent news section now includes thumbnails extracted from the news articles. The 'recently viewed' section, and the 'latest tweet' sections have had their own thumbnail style adjusted for a more ... Read more

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