Wildlife art blog migrated

I’ve moved all of the blog posts from my old wildlife art site into this site. I haven’t begun work on the e-commerce side of things yet on this site, but eventually, it will be possible to buy prints and original art here too.

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Welcome (nearly)!

This website was started 10 years ago, give or take. It started off as a small hard-coded gallery and grew into something more and more unmanageable. Eventually I decided to re-code it, connecting it to a database so that I could create dynamic Active Server Pages and not have to ... Read more

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Species list migrated

This was one of the bits of the site re-design that I wasn't looking forward to particularly. My species list is something that not many people look at, and probably even fewer have any interest in, but it's something I really like to look after. Admittedly it's probably a bit ... Read more

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