Wildlife close to home

Some new images have been added to the gallery again today. This time all of them were photographed within a mile or so of home, here in the Forest of Dean. These are amongst the Forest’s ‘star’ species and with the exception of the Nightjar, which only comes here to breed, can be seen here all year round.

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A parliament of owls

Three owl images have been added to the gallery. The Tawny Owl was photographed only yesterday in its roost - the hollow of this old tree in Gloucestershire. The juvenile Long-eared Owl was photographed in Cambridgeshire as it waited for a delivery of food from the parent. Finally the Southern ... Read more

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Muggers, Badgers and Dippers

Today's gallery updates include the Mugger Crocodile photographed in northern Sri Lanka, and a couple more locally taken photographs - the White-fronted Dipper and the European Badger, both photographed in the Forest of Dean.

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