This photo is the 1000th addition to the gallery. I chose a species that is very special to me, and one that I went to great lengths to see. You can read the full account of the experience by clicking here. This bird was the only one I saw, although I saw it on two evenings (assuming the second one was the same bird), but it was amazing to see. I have some exciting species in my sights that I hope will feature somewhere along the way towards the next 1000 images.

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Monkeys, Woodpeckers and Hawkers

Three new additions to the wildlife gallery - The Central American Squirrel Monkey was on the edge of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, right near the coast. This species is found only there and western Panama. I found the Bennetts Woodpecker in the Mopani area of the Kruger National ... Read more

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Painted Wolves & Bustards

Two new images from South Africa today. The Black-bellied Bustard was found in central Kruger. It was the breeding season while I was there but I didn't get to see any displaying birds. I spend a lot of time each year looking for Nightjar nests closer to home, and imagine ... Read more

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