Monkeys, Woodpeckers and Hawkers

Three new additions to the wildlife gallery – The Central American Squirrel Monkey was on the edge of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, right near the coast. This species is found only there and western Panama. I found the Bennetts Woodpecker in the Mopani area of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, while the Southern Hawker was one of many seen in Germany while looking for White Storks.

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Sloth Bear

One addition to the gallery today. This Sloth Bear emerged from the jungle just as the light was starting to fade. It's a species I didn't feel too optimistic about seeing when planning the trip, but I got very lucky during my first week. This was the one and only ... Read more

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This photo is the 1000th addition to the gallery. I chose a species that is very special to me, and one that I went to great lengths to see. You can read the full account of the experience by clicking here. This bird was the only one I saw, although ... Read more

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