African Elephants

This was my first piece that that featured more than one subject. I like to keep the work as clean as possible, usually with the main subject being the only subject. However, I did want to draw something that involved an element of interaction, or even emotion. This picture is based on a photograph taken by Jacques Matthysen, a photographer for the Kariega Game Reserve, east of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Whilst working on this drawing, a couple of people asked where they could buy prints, so I decided I’d make this website, after deciding not to incorporate my drawings too tightly into my existing photography website. Then, just as I got close to finishing the elephant pair, another commission came in!

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Indian Rhinoceros

This was the first piece I worked on that I did from a reference photograph that wasn’t my own. I’d been asked if I could draw a rhino, but I’d never photographed one before. That’s something that will hopefully change in the near future, but it definitely won’t be this ... Read more

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The Hawfinch is one of my favourite local birds so it was a nice surprise, whilst finishing up on the previous drawing, to be asked if I’d consider drawing a Hawfinch for someone. The Forest of Dean is something of a stronghold for this elusive finch, so I’m lucky enough ... Read more

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