Big cats & COVID-19

This Lion has been added to the wildlife gallery today. It was photographed as I was driving south against a deadline, in order to reach Skukuza to catch a connecting flight to Johannesburg. Two males had recently finished eating a kill in the distance, and then they both ambled in my general direction, leaving a Black-backed Jackal and some vultures to clear up whatever they’d left behind.

In less than two weeks I was due to leave the country for the first of two planned trips this year. The first trip has predictably been cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, as at the time of writing the majority of flights to anywhere are being scrapped. Whether the trip later in the year will still be able to take place is obviously unknown, but I’m not very optimistic. It’s hugely disappointing, but in the context of the world’s current problems, I’m in no position to complain, and would probably prefer to be closer to the ones I love at this time anyway. Stay safe and sensible everyone.

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