South Africa pt.5 – November 2018

After three nights at Punda Maria it was time to leave. Our destination was Phalaborwa. We first drove back to Shingwedzi which was again a really good place for watching storks and raptors on the river. We also saw a … Read more

South Africa pt.4 – October 2018

I think every day since the day we arrived at Skukuza, we’d seen elephants. It was almost possible to become a bit dismissive about them at times. However, on the drive further north we came across the biggest elephant we’d … Read more

South Africa pt.3 – October 2018

Setting off from Olifants, a very early morning produced little wildlife (a few impala and a couple of zebra) but we did see an Aardvark burrow and nearby diggings. After a bit of birding back at the camp we drove … Read more

South Africa pt.2 – October 2018

After enjoying a brief stop at Satara rest camp (where we would stay the night later in the trip) where we watched the Tree Squirrels, Southern Red-billed Hornbill and the big views over the mostly dry riverbed, we pressed on … Read more

South Africa pt.1 – October 2018

The flight from Heathrow to Johannesburg was 11 hours long. Fortunately we chose an overnight flight so we could sleep through most of it. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep at all. Apart from our neighbouring passenger getting involved in a drunken … Read more

Germany – August 2018

21st-28th August Another family trip but as usual a bit of time spare for birding. This would be my first visit outside of winter, so even if I didn’t see many ‘lifers’ I was always going to add some new … Read more

Germany – February 2018

8th-14th February As per the last German trip, this was primarily about visiting family and friends, punctuated with wildlife whenever time and location allowed. Arriving in Hannover, the Pied Wagtails were still resident in the airport buildings, and Robins confused … Read more

Sri Lanka, Summary – March 2017

The process of identifying some of the more difficult species, such as amphibians, geckos, crabs, etc , is still ongoing, but everything else has been added to the species list, and is also listed below. Further species will be added … Read more

Sri Lanka, Mirissa – March 2017

Mirissa is virtually at the southern-most tip of Sri Lanka. This would be the last place we would stay before heading home. As such, we didn’t plan much here, choosing to spend most of the time relaxing. Our hotel was … Read more

Sri Lanka, Bundala – March 2017

A short distance from Yala was is Bundala National Park. It’s full of waterways and lagoons. On the way we stopped briefly at a stream to see Black-crowned Night Heron, and a little further on White-crested Waterhen and Purple Swamphen. … Read more

Sri Lanka, Yala – March 2017

We went straight to our hotel, which was situated on the beach close to Yala National Park. Signs around the hotel warned that the grounds formed part of a regular route taken by elephants – the biggest wildlife risk in … Read more