Cosmetic (mostly) changes

I’ve made a number of mostly cosmetic changes throughout the site. The most obvious change is most evident when viewing the site on a desktop computer, as above. I might make up a few different surrounds and have them display randomly. Now that I write that thought down, I realise it’s not going to be as simple as I thought, because I don’t want the background to change from one page to the next, so an individual background would need to be persistent for a session, which would probably involve me having to make use of a cookie setting, and I’ve tried to minimise utilising cookies wherever possible.
News pages now show 3 less articles, resulting in shorter page lengths.
All pages in the ‘about’ section have had minor changes to their appearance.
Text overlaid on top of photos on the homepage is now easier to read.
Bug fix – thumbnails in the shop no longer change size/shape on mouse-hover events.
Hyperlinks throughout the site are a bit darker and a bit more colourful, making them easier to read.

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Gallery sorting

Despite my previous post and the claim that I wouldn't make any more changes to the site for a while, I'm stuck at home for a bit so I thought I'd take the opportunity to improve the gallery options a bit. If you view any of the galleries by species, ... Read more

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Background refresh

I've given the background/surround image a refresh. It's larger, more vibrant, and it caters to much larger monitors than the previous version. This screenshot is taken at a resolution of 2560 x 1600. The site footer has also been tidied up a bit.