Costa Rica, summary – January 2016

The process of identifying some of the more difficult species, such as arachnids, anoles, invertebrates and amphibians, is still ongoing, but everything else has been added to the species list, and is also listed below. Notable Costa Rican species not seen, all of which give a good reason to return one day, include Baird’s Tapir, sea turtles (wrong time of year), Humpback Whales (again wrong time of year), Puma, Ocelot, Margay, Jaguarundi, Oncilla and Jaguar. Of course, the cats were never very likely to happen, but I did try. Maybe the camera trap that I’ve left set up on the Osa Peninsula will manage to add a thing or two to the mammal list eventually.

As for those camera traps, whilst set up at Tortuguero and Arenal, they captured nothing of note. In Monteverde they captured a number of Agouti and the backside of a Nine-banded Armadillo. On the Osa Peninsula they captured large numbers of Collared Peccary, Agouti, and best of all, a pair of Tayra. The wild cats will have to wait….

All classes (233)
Actinopterygii (1)
Amphibia (11)
Arachnida (5)
Aves (149)
Diplopoda (2)
Insecta (22)
Malacostraca (2)
Mammalia (21)
Reptilia (20)

Flying Fish sp.

Canal Zone Tree Frog
Cane Toad
Dink Frog
Isla Bonita Robber Frog
Meadow Tree Frog
Rough-skinned Dirt Frog
Savages Thin-toed Frog
Stauffers Long-nosed Tree Frog
Strawberry Poison-dart Frog
Warszewitschs Frog
Yellow-flecked Glass Frog

Centruroides Scorpion Sp.
Golden Orb-web Spider
Orange-kneed Tarantula
Tailless Whip Scorpion
Tropical Red and Black Orb-weaving Spider

Amazon Kingfisher

American Black Tern
American White Ibis
Baltimore Oriole
Bare-throated Tiger Heron
Black Guan
Black Vulture
Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Black-cheeked Woodpecker
Black-cowled Oriole
Black-crowned Night Heron
Black-faced Solitaire
Black-headed Nightingale-thrush
Black-hooded Antshrike
Black-mandibled Toucan
Black-throated Trogon
Blue-crowned Motmot
Blue-grey Tanager
Boat-billed Flycatcher
Boat-billed Heron
Bright-rumped Attila
Broad-billed Motmot
Brown Jay
Brown Pelican
Buff-rumped Warbler
Buff-throated Saltator
Carmiols Tanager
Cattle Egret
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Clay-coloured Thrush
Collared Aracari
Collared Redstart
Common Black Hawk
Common Chlorospingus
Common Pauraque
Common Potoo
Coppery-headed Emerald
Emerald Toucanet
Fiery-billed Aracari
Gartered Trogon
Golden-crowned Warbler
Golden-hooded Tanager
Golden-naped Woodpecker
Golden-winged Warbler
Great Blue Heron
Great Curassow
Great Egret
Great Green Macaw
Great Kiskadee
Great-tailed Grackle
Green Heron
Green Honeycreeper
Green Kingfisher
Green Violetear
Green-breasted Mango
Green-crowned Brilliant
Grey-necked Wood Rail
Hoffmanns Woodpecker
House Sparrow
Keel-billed Toucan
Lesser Nighthawk
Lineated Woodpecker
Little Blue Heron
Long-billed Hermit
Magenta-throated Woodstar
Magnificent Frigatebird
Mangrove Swallow

Montezuma Oropendola
Mottled Owl
Neotropic Cormorant
Northern Crested Caracara
Northern Jacana
Ochre-bellied flycatcher
Olive-backed Euphonia
Orange-bellied Trogon
Orange-billed Sparrow
Orange-chinned Parakeet
Pacific Screech Owl
Palm Tanager
Paltry Tyrannulet
Passerinis Tanager
Prong-billed Barbet
Prothonotary Warbler
Purple-throated Mountain-gem
Red-billed Tropicbird
Red-breasted Blackbird
Red-capped Manikin
Red-crowned Woodpecker
Red-faced Spinetail
Red-fronted Parrotlet
Red-legged Honeycreeper
Red-lored Parrot
Resplendent Quetzal
Ringed Kingfisher
Rock Dove
Royal Tern
Ruddy Ground Dove
Ruddy-breasted Seedeater
Rufous-collared Sparrow
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Rufous-tailed Jacamar
Scarlet Macaw

Short-billed Pigeon
Short-tailed Nighthawk
Slate-throated Redstart
Snowy Egret
Social Flycatcher
Southern Lapwing
Southern Rough-winged Swallow
Spangle-cheeked Tanager
Spotted Antbird
Spotted Sandpiper
Streak-headed Woodcreeper
Streaked Flycatcher
Stripe-tailed Hummingbird
Summer Tanager
Swainsons Thrush
Tawny-faced Gnatwren
Tennessee Warbler
Three-striped Warbler
Tropical Screech Owl
Turkey Vulture
Variable Seedeater
Violet Sabrewing
Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
White Hawk
White-collared Seedeater
White-crowned Parrot
White-eared Ground Sparrow
White-fronted Parrot
White-lined Tanager
White-necked Jacobin
White-ringed Flycatcher
White-throated Thrush
White-tipped Dove
Wilsons Warbler
Wood Stork
Wood Thrush
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-crowned Euphonia
Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Yellow-headed Caracara

Yellow-throated Euphonia

Diplopoda sp.
Nyssodesmus Python

Africanised Bee
Apricot Sulphur
Blue Morpho
Bullet Ant
Blattodea sp.
Common Banded Peacock
Giant Swallowtail
Glass-winged Butterfly
Gulf Fritillary
Heteragrion flatwing damselfly sp.
Julia Heliconian
Leaf-mimic Katydid sp. x 3
Leafcutter Ant sp. (various)
Postman Butterfly
Sara Longwing
Stick Insect sp. x 4
Tarantula Hawk sp.
Termite sp.
Tiger Longwing

Blue Land Crab
Hermit Crap sp.

Bottlenose Dolphin
Brazilian Long-nosed Bat
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
Central American Agouti
Central American Squirrel Monkey
Collared Peccary
Forest Cottontail
Geoffroys Spider Monkey
Grey Four-eyed Opossum
Hoffmanns Two-toed Sloth
Mantled Howler
Nine-banded Armadillo
Northern Tamandua
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
Red-tailed Squirrel
Tent-making Bat
Variegated Squirrel
White-faced Capuchin
White-nosed Coati
White-tailed Deer

American Crocodile
Black River Turtle
Blunthead Tree Snake
Cat-eyed Snake sp.
Central American Whiptail
Common Basilisk
Common House Gecko
Coral Snake
Double-crested Basilisk
Eyelash Viper
Golfo-Dulce Anole
Green Iguana
Green Vine Snake
Helmeted Iguana
Meso-American Slider
Slender Anole
Spectacled Caiman
Turnip-tailed Gecko
Yellow-headed Gecko