Costa Rica – trail-cam update pt.1

It’s been over a month since returning from Costa Rica, and over a month since the camera trap I set up has been in position, watching for wildlife.

The first batch of photos have arrived. A variety of species were captured, many of which I was able to find and photograph in person during my stay, such as White-nosed Coati, Agouti, Northern Tamandua, Collared Peccary and Great Currasow. One new species however was the Northern Raccoon, and finally I was particularly pleased to see that I’d finally managed to capture one of the six species I’d put the camera out for in the first place – the Ocelot!

The camera is still in position, and will remain so for another couple of months. Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarundi, Margay or Oncilla.

Below is one of the photos of the Ocelot.