Costa Rica – trail-cam update pt.2

It’s now been just over 70 days since I left the camera trap set up on an animal trail that leads through tropical rainforest down to the coast on the southern end of the Osa Peninsula, and the next batch of photos have arrived.

Unfortunately, there are no new cat species (I’ve been really hoping for Puma or even Jaguar), but I’m still really pleased that since the last update, Ocelots have triggered the camera on three separate nights, including two cats at the same time! Ocelots breed all year round, so I’ve no way of knowing whether these are a breeding pair, siblings or from adjoining territories, but it’s great to get two regardless.

As per the last update, other creatures captured include Coati, Peccary, Currasow, Tamandua and Agouti.

I’ve also identified at least a couple more species from the trip which have been added to the species list.

Ocelot pair
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